Hypochondria – Our treatment

The constant fear of illness causes enormous stress and frequently leads to other mental illnesses such as depression. To provide you with lasting help, we’ll start your hypochondria treatment with a thorough analysis. The results will form the basis for your individual hypochondria therapy. The goal: getting you to trust your body again. If necessary, we’ll use medication to alleviate your symptoms for a short time. For long-term success, we'll guide you through intentional exposure to the triggers for your hypochondria. You’ll learn how to deal effectively with the fear of illness. We’ll provide you with the help you need to help yourself manage your hypochondria. Because with a variety of methods and strategies for managing fear, you can deal effectively with your hypochondria in everyday life. These are good conditions for leaving your life as a hypochondriac behind you.

Individual therapy

General information about Hypochondria

Hypochondria (health anxiety) is quite common in the general population. Learn more about causes, symptoms and diagnostics.