Fibromyalgia – Our therapy

To start your fibromyalgia therapy, we’ll conduct a fibromyalgia test to gain an understanding of your personal symptoms and needs. Then we’ll put together your individual therapy. To do this, we combine multi-modal pain therapy with physical and sports therapy, and of course psychotherapy as well.
We can help severely reduce your pain with fibromyalgia pain therapy personalised for you. This can also prevent your condition from becoming chronic.
Another important component is getting you to be active and able to withstand strain again. Our physiotherapists will develop a programme of both endurance and strength training for you, in addition to units on muscle relaxation. You’ll also learn how to correct poor and adaptive posture in order to prevent the consequences of fibromyalgia. In psychotherapy, we’ll teach you how to question your behaviour patterns to replace them with new, healthier habits. You’ll also learn better ways of managing your chronic pain.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Fibromyalgia

With fibromyalgia, the whole life revolves around pain. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of pain.