Depression – Our treatment

The goal of our treatment for depression is for you to find joy in living again, even if you struggle with severe depression. Because we know, the longer your depression goes on, the heavier your mental strain.
We offer you practical help in managing your depression. Our experienced therapists combine cognitive behavioural therapy (CVT) with other options such as occupational or art therapy. During treatment for your depression, you will gain knowledge and experience that can help you out of depression in the long run. You’ll also train yourself in new patterns of thinking and behaving. This is lasting help for you to help yourself, because you can apply what you have learned even when you're at home. Medication for depression can also help reduce your symptoms. We will use it in addition to psychotherapy if necessary. Your individual therapy plan will be put together carefully to give you the treatment that fits your needs.

Group therapy

Individual therapy

General information about Depression

Signs, causes and diagnosis of depression? We clarify and demonstrate how we detect and treat depressive disorders.