Burnout – Our treatment

To treat your burnout syndrome on a lasting basis, we’ll put together a completely personalised therapy plan for you. The goal of your burnout therapy is to recognise, sense and respect your stress limit.
First, you’ll analyse the different stages of your burnout in one-on-one sessions with an experienced psychotherapist. We’ll help you develop your own awareness for when the demands on you are too high. In group therapy, you’ll talk with other burnout patients and learn from each other. Regular mindfulness training is also proven to help with burnout. If necessary, we’ll supplement your treatment plan with additional therapies such as sports and art therapy or biofeedback. We’ll even include your relatives if necessary.
During your burnout therapy, you’ll learn and work on new attitudes and behaviour patterns. And that’s the best burnout prevention for you.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Burnout

Burnout develops slowly. Therefore, it is important to know about warning signals & burnout symptoms. Inform here.