Borderline personality disorder – Our therapy

To treat your borderline personality disorder (BPD), we combine the dialectic behavioural therapy (DBT) developed by Marsha M Linehan with treatment for addiction. Because many of those who suffer from BPD turn to alcohol, drugs or medication in problematic ways to regulate their tension. By combining therapies (DBT and addiction), you’ll learn better ways of dealing with critical situations and controlling intense emotions such as anger.
In BPD therapy, you’ll receive help for you to help yourself in the long run. The goal of the techniques taught is for you to be able to better regulate your emotions, even after inpatient treatment has ended – and without medication if possible! For lasting success in treating your borderline personality disorder, we offer regular sessions in our BPD self-help group, our outpatient skills group or our BPD trialogue, to name a few examples. Here, you and your relatives can meet and talk with experts on BPD at eye level.

Individual therapy

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General information about Borderline personality disorder

Borderline is a personality disorder with the occurrence of strong emotional fluctuations. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of Boderline.