ADHD in adults – Our therapy

The symptoms of ADHD in adults are many and varied. That's why our therapy starts with a test to diagnose your specific ADHD: do you mostly present with hyperactivity or are you very easily distracted? We’ll compile the results into a personal psychotherapy plan to treat your ADHD. This plan will give you a structured framework for clearer processes in everyday life.
In group therapy for adults with ADHD, you’ll get plenty of support from other patients. And you’ll reflect on your behaviour and develop new behaviour patterns in your one-on-one talks with our psychotherapists. This will help you to build self-esteem and reduce problems in relationships and everyday life. If it would be helpful, we can supplement psychotherapy with ADHD medication – but only after an in-depth conversation with you.

Individual therapy

General information about ADHD in adults

ADHD in adults: An attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can also affect adults. Find out the causes and symptoms here.