Treatment methods

Removal of the diseased tissue

In order to successfully treat your liver cancer, surgical intervention is usually necessary. The complete removal of the tumour-bearing part of the liver as well as the functional preservation of the remaining residual liver tissue are crucial here. In addition, we also consider your concomitant diseases and treat them as far as possible. 

Conservative treatment methods

Liver cancer – treatment: further treatment options

If surgical removal is primarily not possible, we consider alternative treatments, such as chemotherapy or tumour ablation (heating of the tumour, etc.). Our goal is to control your tumour. In the best case, these treatments enable us to perform an operation in the further course of the disease. 

Surgical treatment methods

Liver cancer: Treatment with surgery

Surgical therapy is still the best treatment for liver cancer as it is the only option for healing. The basic prerequisite for surgical treatment is precise knowledge of the anatomy of the liver. What are known as anatomical resections range from simple segment resections to the removal of half of the liver or complex liver surgery with removal of a large part of the liver. There are also what are known as atypical resections: Parts of the liver are removed exclusively on the basis of the pathological findings, regardless of the functional limits of this organ. Our primary goal is always to completely remove the tumour-bearing part of your liver while leaving enough healthy tissue for sufficient liver function.

Follow-up treatment and rehab: Time to regenerate

You will usually be able to return home a short time after a successful operation. If necessary, follow-up treatment can be carried out afterwards. Here at Schoen Clinic, we work with selected rehabilitation clinics for this. Our social service will be happy to provide you with the necessary support.