Treatment methods

We’ll make walking easy again

If you have been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis, we consult with you to select the best-possible therapeutic approach. In many cases, we can use conservative treatment to stop or greatly delay the wear process in your knee. This way, your knee joint will be preserved for longer.

If the wear process is more advanced, we offer surgical procedures for knee osteoarthritis treatment as viable alternatives. Our team of experts will be happy to give in-depth advice on these procedures.

Conservative treatment methods

Conservative knee osteoarthritis treatment

Surgery is not always necessary. Often, conservative treatment including physiotherapy and medication is sufficient. Through conservative measures, we try to decrease your pain and strengthen the knee musculature to relieve the strain on your knee.

Surgical treatment methods

Our surgical treatment methods

Surgery for knee osteoarthritis does not automatically mean that you need an artificial hip joint. Our specialists at Schön Klinik offer surgical procedures to preserve your joint and restore your strength.

Realignment of the knee joint
Sometimes, knee osteoarthritis is a consequence of misalignment of the leg bones, such as bow legs or knock knees. Realignment surgery can help in these cases. This procedure corrects the axis of the legs, which lets us normalise the stability in your knee and delay the onset of additional joint wear.
Joint stabilisation
Knee osteoarthritis can often be due to unstable or damaged ligaments. In this case, our doctors can restabilise your knee joint through surgery.

Implantation of an artificial knee joint

It may be the case that conservative treatment does not provide the desired relief. In this instance, our specialists will consult with you about implanting an artificial knee joint, i.e. a knee arthroplasty (knee TEP). The procedure itself generally lasts around a full hour. Just a short time after, you will be able to stand on your own two legs and leave the clinic again after around five days.
When your quality of life is greatly deteriorating, it’s time for surgery.
Dr. Jürgen Esper, Chief physician at Schoen Clinic Nürnberg Fürth, Orthopaedics Department