Cruciate ligament tear – Our treatment

The treatment and healing time for your cruciate ligament tear depend on various factors. These include the exact nature of your injury and the degree of instability associated with it, as well as other possible injuries to your knee joint. Your cruciate ligament rupture can be treated conservatively, for example with a splint, or with surgery. Our specialists in Hamburg perform cruciate ligament tear surgery gently and arthroscopically wherever possible. This means smaller incisions and a faster recovery. The healing time for your cruciate ligament tear is usually shortened as a result. This expertise benefits not only recreational and professional athletes wanting to get back into their sport quickly, but also all our patients with a cruciate ligament rupture. 

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Cruciate ligament tear

A torn cruciate ligament is one of the most common sports injuries. Here you can find information about the cause and diagnosis of this rupture.