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Gentle treatment of knee pain and knee injuries in Hamburg

Pain in your knee can restrict your mobility considerably. No matter whether your knee pain is due to an acute knee injury or progressive wear of the knee joint, our knee specialists in Hamburg have many years of clinical and scientific expertise. They perform the whole range of knee surgeries, placing particular value on gentle methods, such as arthroscopic and soft tissue-protecting surgical procedures. In addition, digital helpers, such as ultra-modern navigation equipment, are used in the new surgical centre of Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek.

The Knee Centre at Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek is one of the leading knee centres in the Hanseatic city. Our knee specialists advise you in detail and individually in special consultations regarding whether and which knee surgery you need and makes sense for you. The spectrum ranges from joint-preserving knee surgeries (arthroscopy, corrective osteotomies) to the use or replacement of an artificial knee joint. We predominantly use minimally invasive surgical techniques here.

Award-winning knee specialists

The german magazine "Focus Health" has again awarded the orthopaedics department of Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek with the seal as the "Top National Hospital". According to the magazine, head physician Professor Dr. Frank Lampe is one of the leading specialists for knee surgery in Germany. Our Knee Centre is therefore one of the top facilities for orthopaedics in Germany.

Certified artificial replacement of the knee joint

Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek has again been certified as a ‘Maximum Treatment Endoprosthetics Centre’ by the German Association for Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery (DGOOC). The independent expert association thus certifies that the Knee Centre has the highest quality of care for patients with knee joint replacements. The most important criteria for this certification include experienced surgeons and teams, high case numbers as well as medicine in accordance with the latest scientific developments.

Qualified and specialised tumour orthopaedics in the Knee Centre

As one of the few certified facilities in Hamburg, our specialists in the tumour orthopaedics department treat benign and malignant tumours of the musculoskeletal system. These rare and often difficult diseases require the cooperation of experienced specialists from different disciplines. In our Knee Centre, our certified tumour orthopaedists work closely with our diagnostic and surgical departments as well as with pathologists, oncologists and radiation therapists to create the best possible treatment for you.

Modern navigated surgeries on the knee joint

Digitisation is already part of everyday life in our new surgical centre: Digital helpers, such as a computer-aided navigation device, help surgeons during knee surgeries. Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek has already been a reference centre for navigated endoprosthetics for 20 years. Head physician Professor Dr. Frank Lampe is a proven knee specialist. He has been researching modern computer navigation systems for decades and trains other surgeons how to use them at home and abroad. The result of this high-precision: A joint replacement surgery on the knee is even safer and the durability of the implant can be optimised by a precisely fitting individual positioning.

Become mobile faster again with the Endo Active program after knee joint replacement

After the implantation of an artificial knee joint, you want to get back on your legs as soon as possible – which is why we have developed our Endo Active program at Schoen Clinic. We involve you in the treatment process right from the start so that you can return to your private and professional everyday life faster after a knee joint replacement surgery.

Your specialists for cartilage damage in the knee joint

When there is cartilage damage to the knee joint, our specialists in joint surgery take care to maintain as much of the natural joint as possible. Cartilage-stimulating, cartilage-transplanting and cartilage-producing procedures are available in the event of certain types of damage to cartilage tissue. We perform these procedures in our Knee Centre arthroscopically if possible.

Sports orthopaedics and sports medicine in the Knee Centre

The sports orthopaedics at our clinic in Hamburg has acquired an excellent sports medicine reputation over many years, both nationally and internationally. Top athletes from Hamburg sports clubs trust our specialists who treat all knee injuries and overuse injuries of the knee joint.

Combatting knee pain with conservative treatment

Whether as a preventive measure or as therapy to get you back on your feet after an operation – a qualified team is on hand to help you achieve your individual goals at our Therapy and Training Centre. We are able to precisely represent and analyse your movement problems in our gait laboratory, which is unique in Hamburg. This service is currently only available to private and self-funded patients. Find out how you can reduce your knee pain.

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Your knee specialists in Hamburg

Our knee specialists can look back on decades of clinical and scientific experience in the treatment of knee pain and knee injuries. They are among the leading knee orthopaedists in Germany and work together closely with other disciplines. Their goal: To provide you with the best possible medical care and to treat you with modern diagnostic and treatment methods in order to get you back on your feet quickly.