Hip impingement – Our treatment

To treat your hip impingement, we recommend conservative treatments at the beginning of your symptoms, i.e. treatments without surgery. In addition to medication for your pain, these include above all physiotherapeutic exercises to support your mobility and strengthen your muscles. However, you should refrain from excessive sport if you suffer from hip impingement. However, if your bone or cartilage tissue is already more severely damaged and pain is affecting you in your everyday life, hip impingement surgery is a sensible treatment. Our specialists at our hip centre in Hamburg Eilbek specialise in treating hip impingement. They have extensive experience in such surgical procedures and, wherever possible, use gentle minimally invasive surgical techniques to restore your pain-free mobility.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Hip impingement

Hip impingement - when the femur hits the acetabulum. Learn more about causes, symptoms and diagnosis.