Hip dysplasia – Our treatment for children and adults

The treatment of hip dysplasia in infants or small children is generally carried out using conservative measures, such as the application of particularly wide nappies, an abduction brace or an abduction splint. Targeted physiotherapeutic exercises can counteract a limp caused by hip dysplasia. If the malposition is detected too late or if the hip dysplasia is pronounced, surgery is necessary to prevent later consequences, such as early osteoarthritis in the hip joint and corresponding pain.
Medical expertise in hip dysplasia treatment is united both for children and for adults at Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek: Our specialists in orthopaedics and paediatric orthopaedics have many years of clinical and scientific experience in carrying out hip dysplasia surgery. Before and after an operation, we can provide you with a detailed and absolutely exact diagnosis of your movement pattern or that of your child in our gait laboratory. On this basis, we can provide an even more specific recommendation for the treatment of your hip dysplasia or that of your child, whether using conservative measures or with surgery.

Conservative treatment methods in children

Conservative treatment methods in adults

Surgical treatment methods in children

Surgical treatment methods in adults

Rehabilitation/Aftercare in children

Rehabilitation/Aftercare in adults

Unique gait laboratory for your individual therapy plan for hip dysplasia

In our gait laboratory, which is unique in Hamburg so far, we offer you a detailed diagnosis of your movement sequence or that of your child on a self-payer basis or as a private patient. Using this information, our specialists can give you exact recommendations for physiotherapeutic exercises or for specific sports measures or plan necessary surgery for your hip dysplasia or that of your child very precisely on an individual basis.

General information about Hip dysplasia

The origin, diagnosis and treatment of hip dysplasia - learn how our experienced specialists can help you or your baby.