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Your hip specialists in the Hamburg region

At our Hip Centre in Hamburg, our internationally experienced and scientifically active experts specialise in the surgical treatment of hip pain. A lot of patients from Germany and abroad trust in the expertise of our hip specialists every year. An individual consultation during our office hours and a detailed diagnosis are the start of your hip joint treatment. 

If conservative measures have been exhausted and do not give you sufficient freedom from pain or mobility, hip surgery is the last resort. Our hip specialists offer you the entire surgical spectrum, from joint-preserving interventions to hip surgery with joint replacement as well as complex replacement operations. Wherever possible, they use minimally invasive and soft tissue-friendly surgical procedures. In addition, navigation devices are also used for the precise and safe implantation of endoprostheses in selected cases at our state-of-the-art new surgical centre in Hamburg.

Award-winning hip specialists

The orthopaedics department at Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek has once again been named as a "Top National Hospital" by the german magazine "Focus Health". Our Hip Centre is thus one of the top facilities for orthopaedics in Germany.

Hip joint replacement with certificate

Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek has been certified as a “Maximum Treatment Endoprosthetics Centre” by the expert association EndoCert for many years. With this quality seal, the independent expert association certifies that our hospital in Hamburg offers the highest level of quality in care for patients with joint replacement. The most important criteria for this certification include experienced surgeons and teams, high case numbers as well as medicine in accordance with the latest scientific developments.

Focus on sports orthopaedics for hip pain

Top athletes from sports clubs in Hamburg have relied on the expertise and experience of our hip specialists, who treat all hip joint problems, for many years. Sports orthopaedics is a specialism of our hospital in Hamburg. It enjoys an excellent reputation in sports medicine, both nationally and internationally.

Reference centre for navigated hip joint surgeries

Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek has been a reference centre for navigated endoprosthetics for two decades. Chief physician Prof. Frank Lampe has been researching navigation systems for decades as an expert. Both in Germany and abroad, he trains other surgeons in how to use these digital helpers for even more precise and safer hip surgery. At our new surgical centre in Hamburg, he and our other hip specialists have modern navigation equipment and an IT-controlled process management at their disposal for interventions on the hip joint.

Faster recovery after a hip joint replacement

You want to quickly return to your professional and private everyday life after an artificial hip joint has been implanted. This is precisely why we have developed the Endo Active Programme at Schoen Clinic: We actively integrate you into the treatment pathway even before hip surgery because our experience shows that an informed patient becomes mobile again earlier. 

Joint-preserving hip surgery

If the hip joint is worn, joint-preserving operations can improve mobility and reduce hip pain. Our hip specialists in Hamburg have special expertise in cartilage-stimulating, cartilage-transplanting and cartilage-producing procedures. We perform these gently (arthroscopically) wherever possible in our Hip Centre. Corrective operations for hip deformities are also performed on the basis of precise diagnostics with special imaging options (Arthro-MRI) as gently on the soft tissue as possible and, if necessary, are supported by a navigation device.

Certified orthopaedic oncology at the Hip Centre

Our certified tumour orthopaedics department in our hospital in Hamburg works closely with our diagnostic and surgical departments as well as with pathologists, oncologists and radiation therapists. Benign and malignant tumours of the musculoskeletal system are rare and often difficult diseases that require treatment by experienced specialists from different disciplines. At our Hip Centre, our hip specialists do their utmost to achieve the best possible therapy for you.

Individual conservative therapies for hip pain

At our Therapy and Training Centre in Hamburg, a competent team will help you to alleviate your hip pain using conservative treatments – whether before or after an operation or as a long-term training measure. As a private patient or self-payer, you can also make use of our gait laboratory, which is currently unique in Hamburg.

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Your hip specialists in Hamburg

Our hip specialists have extensive clinical and scientific experience in the treatment of hip disorders. They maintain an interdisciplinary exchange with other experts. Our aim is to offer you the best possible surgical treatment to minimise your hip pain.