Treatment methods

Specialised centre with minimally invasive procedures for heart valve changes

Our specialists are among the most experienced heart surgeons in the field of heart valve reconstruction. We generally try to preserve your heart valve. However, if your heart valves are severely calcified, they must be replaced by biological or artificial heart valves.

We monitor you using telemedicine from admission to discharge. Your heart rhythm is transmitted via radio to an ECG monitoring station so that we can react immediately in the event of abnormalities. In addition to 24-hour emergency care and (almost) daily visits by the chief physician, you will also receive individual psychological care. During your rehabilitation, we work closely together with various rehabilitation clinics and take care of comprehensive aftercare.

Surgical treatment methods

Surgery for heart valve changes – as gentle and low-risk as possible

We specialise in heart valve reconstructions that preserve your own heart valve. The advantage for you: No blood thinning is generally required and the risk of subsequent inflammation of your heart valve is significantly reduced. 

Aftercare after heart valve reconstruction

The gentle, minimally invasive procedure allows you to recover faster and better after the procedure. The average length of stay is between seven and ten days. With early mobilisation, we slowly enable your heart to withstand a normal load during this time. 
After the operation, our social service will plan your further rehabilitation with you.