Leg artery occlusion – our treatment

A leg artery occlusion is often based on what’s known as peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAD), which is often also referred to as peripheral artery disease. It causes narrowing of the vessels, which leads to pain and impairs your ability to walk. Peripheral artery occlusive disease is usually treated with drugs to prevent acute leg artery occlusion. Our specialists in Hamburg specialise in the treatment of PAD and acute leg artery occlusion: In addition to non-invasive diagnostics, our professional team in our modern catheter laboratory is available to you around the clock and performs necessary operations in the case of chronic or acute leg artery occlusion. You can rely on our experts’ experience.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Leg artery occlusion (PAD)

Patients with a leg artery occlusion can usually only walk without pain for a short time. Everything about causes, symptoms & diagnostics here.