Heart valve changes – our treatment

If you experience shortness of breath even during light exertion such as a walk, a heart valve defect or heart valve insufficiency may be the reason why your heart cannot pump properly. Our cardiologists at Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of heart valve changes. After a detailed cardiological examination, they will decide together with you which treatment is suitable for you. If heart valve surgery or a heart valve replacement is unavoidable, there are various therapeutic options available. Especially at an advanced age, surgery involving the opening of the chest can often be avoided. The decision regarding the most suitable procedure for the treatment of your heart valve change is made by a team of specialists consisting of heart surgeons and cardiologists. For this purpose, we have a cooperation with a nearby cardiac surgery facility in Hamburg.

Conservative treatment methods

General information about Heart valve changes

Heart valve changes make every step difficult. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of heart disease.