Treatment methods

Our treatment is oriented towards your individual degree of suffering

In the treatment of your hand osteoarthritis there are different therapeutic approaches depending on the stage of disease. We can usually treat mild cases with conservative measures such as hand therapy or a splint. In the case of advanced joint wear, a surgical intervention can help you to regain the quality of life that you are used to.

Conservative treatment methods

Hand and wrist arthrosis: Treatment with medicinal injection treatments

If there is only a small degree of joint damage and inflammation of the lining membrane of the joint, we can improve the acute inflammatory process. For this purpose, medicines are injected into the affected joint.
Also a nuclear medicine procedure, radiosynoviorthesis, can bring an improvement in such cases: In this, a radioactive substance is injected into the joint by experienced nuclear medicine specialists. This inhibits the acute inflammation and thus reduces your pain.

Hand and wrist arthrosis: Physiotherapy and ergotherapy exercises can help

Our specially trained physiotherapists and ergotherapists can have a positive influence on early-stage arthrosis and possibly also on later-stage arthrosis through special hand therapy. The pain, especially, can be relieved through this. At the therapy sessions you will also be guided in how to avoid certain patterns of movement, in order to best preserve your joint.
A correspondingly adapted splint can also remove stress from the damaged joint and thus improve your hand function.

Hand and wrist arthrosis: treatment without surgery

If you have an acute phase of pain, we can usually relieve this through painkillers in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs. However, these may not be taken over a longer period of time, because otherwise significant impairments can occur in the gastrointestinal tract. Permanent freedom from complaints is not normally reached through this treatment.

Surgical treatment methods

Finger joint arthrosis: treatment through surgery

In the advanced stage of the illness, the middle joints of the fingers can be replaced by prostheses. With this, our hand surgery specialists achieve good treatment results.
If the finger end joints are affected, stiffening (fusion) is the surgical treatment of choice. Through this procedure, you lose only 5% of the total mobility of your finger and are pain-free in the long term.

Arthrosis in the saddle joint: treatment through surgery

More women than men suffer from arthrosis of the thumb saddle joint (rhizarthrosis). Simple things such as unscrewing objects or sewing are no longer possible with this. Rhizarthrosis can be treated well surgically. In the procedure, our specialists remove a part of the joint. Then the use one of the body’s own tendons to stabilise the first middle hand bone.

Hand and wrist arthrosis: Operation – Hand surgery options

In the case of advanced hand or wrist arthrosis we can achieve freedom from pain and complaints only through an operation.

If the wrist is not yet completely damaged, we clean up your joint within the framework of minimally invasive joint imaging (arthroscopy). In this, our hand surgeon looks into your joint with the help of a camera, in order to visualise the state of the cartilage, the bone and the ligaments. During this intervention we can also remove infected tissue from the joint cavity. Thus we prevent the infection from spreading to your bone and cartilage tissue.

If your wrist joint cartilage is severely damaged, only partially stiffening measures can lead to permanent freedom from complaints. In this, we remove the damaged wrist bones and place a bone block between the remaining wrist bones.
After such an operation, the overall mobility of your wrist is reduced, but sufficiently good residual mobility remains. Thus, as a rule, you can fully recommence your professional activities as well as your free-time pursuits.