Treatment methods

Learn to release the fear

In the framework of psychotherapy, generalised anxiety disorders can be treated quite well. First, you will be provided comprehensive information about the disease pattern. During therapy, we will teach you, on the one hand, to recognise your personal cycle of brooding and worrying. On the other, we will practice various relaxation techniques aimed at helping you overcome the tension and frequent inner restlessness. Biofeedback methods can also be helpful, such as learning abdominal breathing. This will help you redirect your attention to your breathing. It is also important that you question your individual catastrophic thoughts and do a reality check and replace them with more realistic thoughts in the next step.

At Schoen Clinic, we design your treatment based on the current recommendations of the expert associations. You will therefore be treated in accordance with the newest scientific findings. Mindfulness-based strategies and techniques always play a huge role: With regular mindfulness exercises, you can significantly reduce the risk of relapse.

Conservative treatment methods

Exposition therapy to interrupt the cycle of worrying

After recognising the individual cycle of worrying and brooding, the focus of the treatment is in performing expositions. In the framework of these confrontations, your therapist will teach you mentally walk through your worst situation. This helps you recognise that the probability of the catastrophe and the consequences thereof occurring is extremely unlikely. Confrontation therapy is an important measure to pull you out of your cycle of brooding.