Achilles tendon injuries – Our treatment

Pain in the achilles tendon can considerably hinder you in your daily life. Whether achilles tendon inflammation (achillodynia), an achilles tendon rupture or another achilles tendon injury – with our experts in Hamburg, you are in excellent and competent hands with any kind of achilles tendon condition. During a special foot consultation, they take plenty of time to conduct a detailed discussion with you and a comprehensive diagnosis of your symptoms in order to give you an individual treatment recommendation. Whether conservative measures can help with your achilles tendon condition – such as stretching or physiotherapy – or whether surgery is necessary – you can rely on the high professional competence of our experts.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Achilles tendon injuries

Your Achilles tendon hurts or is inflamed? We inform you about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of an Achilles tendon disease.