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Pain and injuries to the foot and ankle joint in the best hands

Our Foot and Ankle Centre in Hamburg Eilbek is one of the largest specialist hospitals in the Hanseatic city. Our experienced experts are very familiar with the complex anatomy of the foot and special treatment methods for foot pain and ankle joint complaints. This is also confirmed by the majority of our patients with pain or injuries to the foot, ankle joint or Achilles tendon who are very satisfied with their therapy - whether conservative or surgical. 

Foot pain and foot injuries can have various causes – in our foot orthopaedics department, we offer you a comprehensive treatment spectrum ranging from conservative therapy to foot surgery. Whether an acute foot injury, the treatment of deformities of the legs or therapy for degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis) of the foot and ankle joint – our foot specialists will advise you individually on the optimal therapy for you during a special consultation. 

Special expertise distinguishes us in cartilage reconstruction for thefoot and  ankle joint, sports orthopaedics and diabetic foot surgery.

Your specialists for cartilage damage to the foot

During modern joint surgery, care is taken to preserve as much of the natural joint as possible. However, innovative cartilage-stimulating, cartilage-transplanting and cartilage-producing procedures are available for certain types of cartilage damage. We perform these arthroscopically wherever possible in our Foot and Ankle Centre. But even if artificial implants are already necessary, a partial joint replacement, while maintaining the healthy parts of the natural joint, is often sufficient.

Experts in the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome

The causes of this disease are diverse, its course is often complex and protracted. That is why specialists are required. Our experts at the Specialist Centre for Septic Surgery specialise in treating diabetic foot syndrome: Surgeons, diabetologists, radiologists and vascular specialists work with wound therapists, physiotherapists and orthotists here. If conservative therapy is unsuccessful, foot surgery becomes necessary and is carried out gently using minimally invasive techniques wherever possible.

Award-winning foot specialists

The foot consists of numerous bones and joints that are moved and stabilised by a finely tuned system of muscles and tendons. The ankle joint is one of the most stressed joints in the human body. Only entrust your foot and ankle joint to experts. The german magazine "Focus Health" has repeatedly awarded orthopaedics at our hospital in Hamburg the title of "Top National Hospital".

Sports orthopaedics and sports medicine

One of our main areas of focus is the treatment of sports injuries in the foot and ankle joint. Our specialists have earned an excellent reputation in sports medicine. Their patients include top athletes from sports clubs in Hamburg, who turn to our experts for foot pain, or problems with the Achilles tendon or the ankle joint.

Specialised tumour orthopaedics

Tumours of the musculoskeletal system are rare and often difficult diseases, the treatment of which requires experienced specialists. Our team at the Foot and Ankle Centre therefore develops an individual treatment regime with our certified orthopaedic oncologist and our diagnostic and surgical department as well as with pathologists, oncologists and radiation therapists . Their mutual goal: To achieve the optimal treatment outcome for you.

First-class service for prevention, training and aftercare

Our Therapy and Training Centre in Hamburg offers a comprehensive range of conservative therapies to you as a private patient or as a self-payer. An experienced team will look after you individually and create a customised training plan for you. For example, we use our gait laboratory, which is unique in Hamburg, to relieve your symptoms quickly and sustainably.

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Your foot specialists in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

Your feet lead you through life, so it is important to keep your foot and ankle joint healthy. Experienced foot specialists are therefore needed in the event of foot pain or foot injury. Our experts in Hamburg have many years of experience in foot orthopaedics and work closely with other disciplines. They advise and treat you while always pursuing the goal of achieving the best possible treatment for you.