Treatment methods

Cruciate ligament tear without surgery – always our goal

If you have been diagnosed with a cruciate ligament tear, we consult with you to select the best-possible therapeutic approach. For partial cruciate ligament tears, there is often no need for surgery. In this case, our orthopaedic specialists and physiotherapists will help you get back on your feet again, with the aim of restoring the prior mobility and function of your knee.

Surgery will only be required if you feel restricted by the instability in your knee in your daily routine or when practising sports.

Conservative treatment methods

Treatment of a cruciate ligament tear without surgery

A cruciate ligament tear must always be treated by a doctor. Our specialists will first recommend that you immobilise the knee and stabilise it using medical aids (moveable splint). It’s also important that you keep your knee raised and cool it regularly. Once the swelling in your knee subsides, the physiotherapists at Schön Klinik will continue to take care of you. Using proven therapies, we help you make your knee mobile, like it was before the accident.

Surgical treatment methods

Cruciate ligament surgery: replacing the cruciate ligament through cruciate ligament reconstruction

If conservative treatment of your cruciate ligament tear is not sufficient, our specialists will treat you by carrying out a knee arthroscopy. In this procedure, we make a small tissue-sparing skin incision. The remnants of the torn ligament can be removed through this incision. We also replace the torn ligament with a new ligament made of endogenous material. This will generally come from the tendon of your thigh or calf. The full procedure typically takes less than 40 minutes. It’s referred to as an anterior or posterior cruciate ligament arthroplasty, depending on which one of your cruciate ligaments has been damaged.

Knee arthroscopy is a gentle procedure which you’ll recover from quickly. If you need to be hospitalised, you’ll be able to leave the hospital again after around two days.