Treatment methods

Specialist treatment for cirrhosis of the liver – Depending on the cause and stage of the disease

When the liver tissue turns into connective tissue, this causes irreversible damage. In addition to general measures, the main goal of our treatment is therefore to avoid or reduce the liver-damaging substances and influences (alcohol, viruses, iron, copper). In the case of autoimmune diseases, the underlying disease is treated to prevent or reduce the inflammatory stimulus of the liver. Malnutrition should be avoided if possible. 

Surgical treatment methods

Treatment for Cirrhosis of the liver: Liver transplants in severe cases

In the final stage of liver disease, a liver transplant may be considered. Either a part of the liver or the entire liver is transplanted here. A distinction is made between the living donation (for example from a relative) and the donation from a deceased person. Liver transplantation is performed at specialised centres. After the procedure, patients must take medication for the rest of their lives to prevent the rejection of the organ.