Christian Alexander Kühne

Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek

Head of Department - Trauma and hand surgery

Head of Department - Geriatric traumatology

+49 40 2092-0

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Publication 2014

Implementation of a nationwide trauma network for the care of severely injured patients
Ruchholtz S, Lefering R, Lewan U, Debus F, Mand C, Siebert H, Kühne CA

Publication 2014

TraumaNetzwerk DGU(®): Optimizing patient flow and management.
Ruchholtz S, Lewan U, Debus F, Mand C, Siebert H, Kühne CA

Publication 2013

Kruger A, Frink M, Kiessling A, Ruchholtz S, Kühne CA

Publication 2015

Radiologic diagnostic procedures in severely injured patients - is only whole-body multislice computed tomography the answer?
Topp T, Lefering R, Lopez CL, Ruchholtz S, Ertel W, Kühne CA.

Publication 2008

The Emergency Transfusion Score (ETS) – A useful instrument for prediction of blood transfusion requirement in severely injured patients.
Kühne CA, Zettl RP, Fischbacher M, Lefering R, Ruchholtz S



Leiter Geschäftsstelle AKUT TraumaNetzwerk DGU
Mitbegründer des TraumaNetzwerk DGU

Scientific awards

Leserpreis „Bester Artikel“ Zeitschrift Der Chirurg
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