Traumatic brain injury – our therapy

A traumatic brain injury can have varying degrees of severity. Even if a mild traumatic brain injury is suspected, you should consult specialists to prevent possible negative consequences, because there may be a delay before the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury appear. The highly qualified experts in our Neuro Centre at Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek are among the most experienced specialists in Germany for the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. Those who are particularly severely affected, i.e. traumatic brain injury patients with severe physical and/or mental disabilities or patients who require ventilation, receive intensive care on our specialised neuro intensive care ward. On our neurological early rehabilitation ward, traumatic brain injury patients receive individual therapies, such as mobilisation exercises. As a patient or relative, you are in the best of hands with our experts in Hamburg.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Traumatic brain injury

A craniocerebral trauma is an injury to the skull and brain. Learn more about the causes & symptoms of this trauma.