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Mental health

In our Psychosomatic and Psychiatry department, we specialise in the treatment of mental and psychosomatic diseases. This includes, for example, depression, anxiety, eating and personality disorders as well as psychosomatic pain disorders. We accompany you in our psychiatric and psychosomatic hospital with a broad offering of treatments individually tailored to you – from an acute emergency situation to an ongoing life crisis. 

Our facilities in Hamburg offer you an outpatient treatment option with the Psychiatric Institutional Outpatients' Department. In our day clinics in Hamburg, you can also take advantage of in-patient services close to your home or in-patient treatment in our Psychosomatics and Psychiatry department. For older patients, we offer special treatments in our day clinic for elderly patients. Another expertise that distinguishes us is in the treatment of double diagnoses, such as burnout, depression or borderline personality disorder, in combination with addiction disorders. 

In our Psychosomatic and Psychiatry department in Hamburg, we treat patients 18 years and older.
Psychiatric urgent care in Hamburg

Psychiatric urgent care is there for you around the clock

In acute emergencies, the psychiatric urgent care in Hamburg is there for you 24 hours day. You can reach them at 040 2092-1410.

Outpatient treatment in Hamburg

Your outpatient treatment in Hamburg: Our Psychiatric Institutional Outpatients' Department

The Psychiatric Institutional Outpatients' Department helps you to avoid or shorten an inpatient treatment in the case of a severe chronic mental or psychosomatic diseases. Our experienced team is available to you with a multi-professional treatment offer, even for acute life crises.

Day Clinich for Mental Health in Hamburg

Our part-time inpatient offering for you: Day clinics in Hamburg

In our three facilities at the Hamburg Day Clinic, we specialise in the treatment of depression, anxiety, eating and obsessive-compulsive disorders as well as stress-related illnesses.

Specialised offers for double diagnoses

Our specialised offers for double diagnoses

We offer specialised treatment offers in Hamburg for patients suffering from a substance-induced dependence (of alcohol, drugs or cannabis) combined with a mental illness.

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Your consultants for psychosomatic medicine in Hamburg

The team in our psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine department in Hamburg includes experienced specialists from various disciplines who work together with each other closely. Our internationally renowned consultants for psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry and neurology as well as ourpsychologists and therapists also involve your relatives and self-help groups in the treatment of your psychological and psychosomatic illness if  necessary. Their goal here is to create the best treatment specifically for you.