Dr. Friedemann Müller

Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling Harthausen

Head of Department - Neurological prerehabilitation rehabilitation

Head of Department - Alzheimer’s Therapy Centre

Head of Department - Sleep Lab

Head of Department - Paraplegia ward

Head of Department - Neurological Rehabilitation

Head of Department - Neurological Early Rehabilitation

Job title

Physician in Neurology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
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Publication 2007

Effects of Locomotion Training With Assistance of a Robot-Driven Gait Orthosis in Hemiparetic Patients After Stroke
Husemann, Britta, Müller, Friedemann, Krewer, Carmen, Heller, Silke, Koenig, Eberhardt

Publication 2017

Virtual reality to augment robot-assisted gait training in non-ambulatory patients with a subacute stroke
Bergmann, Jeannine, Krewer, Carmen, Bauer, Petra, Koenig, Alexander, Riener, Robert, Müller, Friedemann

Publication 2018

Robot-assisted gait training to reduce pusher behavior: A randomized controlled trial
Bergmann, Jeannine, Krewer, Carmen, Jahn, Klaus; Müller, Friedemann

Publication 2014

Praktische Neurorehabilitation
Müller, Friedemann, Walther, Ernst , Herzog, Jürgen

Publication 2018

Neurologische Rehabilitation
Müller, Friedemann, Koenig, Eberhard



Scientific awards