Dr. Ernst Walther

Per aspera ad astra

Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek

Head of Department - Neuro Centre

+49 40 2092-0

Job title

Specialist in Neurology
Specialist Neurological Intensive Care Medicine
Emergency Medicine
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Publication 2018

PHAryngeal electrical STimulation for early decannulation in TRACheotomised stroke patients with neurogenic dysphagia (PHAST-TRAC): a prospective randomised single-blinded trial
R Dziewas, R Stellato, I van der Tweel, E Walther, C Werner, T Braun, G Citerio, M Jandl, M Friedrichs, K Nötzel, M Vosko, S Mistry, S Hamdy, S McGowan, T Warnecke, P Zwittag, PM Bath, on be

Publication 2014

Praktische Neurorehabilitation. Behandlungskonzepte nach Schädigung des Nervensystems
Müller F, Walther E, Herzog J (Hrsg.)

Publication 2014

Early detection of widespread progressive brain injury after cardiac arrest: A single case DTI and post-mortem histologic study
Gerdes JS, Walther EU, Jaganjac S, Makrigeorgi-Butera M, Meuth SG, Deppe M

Publication 2005

Purkinje cell-specific expression of the aldolase C gene in transgenic mice is directed by an upstream regulatory element.
Romito-Digiacomo RR, Walther EU, Williams EA, Herrup K

Publication 1999

Multiple sclerosis. Side effects of interferon beta therapy and their management
Walther EU, Hohlfeld R