Modern treatment approach for joint replacement

Patients as partners in their care

Schoen Clinic's Endo Active programme actively involves you in your treatment from the very beginning. Already before the procedure, you will receive intensive training on exactly what will happen. At the same time, you will discover how you can best prepare for surgery. During the initial consultations, you will also get to know your rehabilitation team, who will take care of you during and after the surgery. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, physiotherapists and nurses are on hand to support you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Our Endo Active programme also includes the most modern anaesthetics, specific surgical techniques and a tailored pain management programme, all to shorten your recovery time. Rehabilitation begins around five days after surgery on average.

A tailored pain management programme to regain mobility

As part of our Endo Active programme, the pain management programme is based on the latest evidence and research. Instead of general anaesthesia, you will typically receive a well-tolerated spinal anaesthesia and sleeping pills. Already during the surgery we treat the wound areas with painkillers. Unlike conventional joint replacements procedures, we do not use catheters or wound drains, helping us to minimise the level of pain after surgery. In addition, we always tailor the amount and type of medication you receive to your individual needs. As a result, you will be back on your feet within a few hours after your joint replacement surgery – whether is knee replacement, hip replacement, or revision surgery – and be able to walk independently after a few days.


As part of the Endo Active programme, you will typically receive a well-tolerated spinal anaesthesia. The advantage: you quickly regain strength after a joint replacement surgery and can start exercising early.

High quality treatment and care = satisfied patients

For the last six years, around 35,000 patients have opted for our Endo Aktiv programme, and for good reason. On average, our patients regain mobility faster than with conventional joint replacement procedures. This early mobilisation prevents complications such as thrombosis or circulatory problems.

In general, you can leave the hospital after five days and get back to your everyday life. Most daily activities can be resumed without any problems just three months after the surgery.


After rehabilitation, we support you in implementing your exercise programme into your daily routine.