The best after-care: fit and healthy with your new artificial joint

Get on your feet again, quickly

The goal of our Endo Active programme is to remobilise you as quickly as possible. At discharge to your home or to rehab, you will be able to carry out a range of daily activities again as you normally would, including independently showering, recovering a sufficient walking distance, climbing stairs and independently putting on and taking off clothes, among other activities. From a medical standpoint, the most crucial thing is keeping the wound dry and free from irritation. This is the case most of the time after around five days.

Dr. Peter Sand

Inpatient and outpatient rehab - both are possible

After surgery, you are typically entitled to rehabilitation measures. If you like, we will gladly support you in applying for these. Just one day after surgery, we therefore ensure that you have a place in the rehab process. The best way to continue your after-care is by carrying out your rehab in a Schön Klinik facility, where surgeons and treating physicians and therapists are in close contact. The rehab team knows your treatment plan before, during and after the operation, and is fully informed about the treatment and exercises already carried out. Your rehab can then be seamlessly linked so you can continue to build your physical fitness.

Rehabilitation at Schoen Clinic

In our rehab, we increase the intensity of the therapy already started. You’ll then receive a personalised combination of physiotherapy, physical therapy such as heat therapy, health counselling and additional measures. Set your personal goals for your rehab phase early and talk to us about them. This way, you can make a decisive contribution to the success of your treatment.