The Schoen Clinic Endo Active programme

Our joint replacement experts will make you mobile again in no time.

Schoen Clinic is one of the top three endoprosthetics specialists in Germany. We don’t just have one certified endoprosthetics centre – we have seven! In these centres, experienced doctors implant over 7,000 artificial joints (endoprostheses) each year. We also replace total hip joints (hip TEP) as well as total knee joints (knee TEP). What our patients desire the most is to be active and moving again quickly with their joint replacement. So we developed a programme for this exact purpose: the Endo Active programme.

Werner Heitmann, patient at Schoen Clinic

“I was on my feet again almost straight after surgery and I didn’t even feel like I was suffering at all, which was really important to me. Even before my stay at the clinic, I was thoroughly informed. In the patient seminars, I got a really clear overview of what was going to happen. I knew exactly what I could do personally to make myself mobile again quickly.”

Dr Karina E. Bohlen, creator of Endo Active and consultant at Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek

“Actively involving our patients before surgery is a key element of the Endo Active programme. In our experience, well-informed patients are more relaxed when going into the clinic and work more actively on their recovery.”