Elmar Ngo

"Quality takes time" - We focus on the patient and his individual needs. We take our time for discussions and detailed advice on the often complex relationships between psyche and body in order to achieve the best possible treatment result.

Schoen Clinic Roseneck

Senior Registrar - Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy

Job title

Specialist in internal medicine and intensive medicine
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Publication 2015

Endoscopic treatment of an oesophageal rupture using an over the scope clip OTSC
E. Ngo, P. Born, H. Strebel

Publication 2009

Hippocampal volume is an independent predictor of cognitive performance in CADASIL
O'Sullivan M1, Ngo E, Viswanathan A, Jouvent E, Gschwendtner A, Saemann PG, Duering M, Pachai C, Bousser MG, Chabriat H, Dichgans M.



Scientific awards