Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT)

Help for your perception

Having your senses together literally means being able to fully perceive and respond to the world around you. Researchers speak of the six senses of man: seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, feeling and the sense of balance. If some of these senses are clouded, you can no longer perceive your surroundings properly. This can be caused, among other things, by diseases of the ears, norse or throat.

In our special clinic in Düsseldorf we are specialized in the treatment of ENT diseases. Our ENT experts effectively treat all complaints in the throat, nose and ears so that you don't miss a thing in everyday life.   

Our special clinic for ENT diseases

Our specialists have a lot of experience in the treatment of ENT diseases. At Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf our experts are there for you.