Treatment methods

Removing the diseased tissue

The good news first: the prognosis for thyroid cancer is usually very good. 

However, thyroid cancer surgery is always necessary in the event of suspicion or proven findings. Radioiodine therapy often follows after the operation. Thyroid hormones must be taken regularly after the thyroid gland is removed. 

Surgical treatment methods

Thyroid cancer: Surgery

If FNAC has detected thyroid cancer, surgery is usually the next step. The extent of the operation depends on the type and spread of the cancer. In most cases, the entire thyroid gland must be removed in order to achieve the therapeutic goal. The removal of lymph nodes is often also necessary. We use modern surgical techniques for thyroid cancer treatment at Schoen Clinic. Special attention is paid to protecting the vocal cord nerve. In most cases, patients can leave hospital on the second day after the operation. Radioiodine therapy follows for some patients. For these, a short stay in a nuclear medicine therapy ward is necessary after about three to four weeks.

Thyroid cancer: Operation if a disease is suspected

If the result of the FNAC only revealed a suspicion of thyroid cancer, we limit the operation to the removal of the thyroid lobe with the suspicious lump. The thyroid lobe is then examined during the operation. If the suspicion is confirmed, we remove the entire thyroid gland. If we do not find any evidence of cancer, we stop the surgery at this point. In 80 per cent of patients, the remaining thyroid lobe is sufficient to produce enough thyroid hormone.