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Back problems and pain in the spine are individual and complex – and almost everyone is familiar with them. Sometimes it only twinges a little for a few days, and sometimes serious back pain develops, requiring spinal surgery. The pain often has no specific cause but is caused by many different factors. Finding and understanding them individually for each patient is what our consultants have specialised in with their holistic treatment approach.

Our experts at the Spine Centre at Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf have many years of experience in treating back complaints. We offer you the full spectrum of spine therapy: From conservative care and spine surgery including minimally invasive procedures to special treatment methods such as spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain. No matter what back problems you come to us with, we are the right point of contact for you. We are also there for you if you would like a second opinion before spinal surgery.
were already treated in our department in 2019 (4,215 outpatient and 1,157 inpatient).
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conservative treatments
were performed (inpatient pain therapy) in our department in 2018.

Neuromodulation – a way out when nothing else helps properly anymore

Neuromodulation is the reversible influencing of nerve functions. Thin electrodes deliver electrical impulses to certain areas of the spinal cord or peripheral nerves, which inhibit pain signals on the way to the brain.
Neuromodulation can alleviate various complaints when chronic pain can no longer be controlled by conservative therapies and painkillers.
Neuromodulation can also be used to stimulate the pelvic floor in cases of incontinence. All information on the indications and treatment methods can be found here.

Endoscopic operations on the lumbar spine

If we cannot alleviate your spinal pain using conservative therapies, we will discuss the surgical options with you.  Our surgical focus is on minimally invasive, tissue-sparing surgical procedures. We can operate endoscopically using the keyhole technique for many conditions, now also including on the lumbar spine. Musculature, intervertebral discs and joints are thus particularly spared and the length of the skin incision is significantly reduced. In addition, these minimally invasive treatment procedures enable us to considerably shorten the duration of your hospital stay and get you fit again for everyday life particularly quickly.

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Many years of experience, additional training in special fields and treatment at eye level – this is what distinguishes the work of our back and spine specialists at Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf.