Specialised Centre for Cardiology and Centre for Internal Medicine - Our Team

Specialised Centre for Cardiology and Centre for Internal Medicine

Internal medicine & cardiology

In the Center for Internal Medicine with the Integrated Center for Cardiology, we look after you with high qualifications in all internal and cardiological cases. Our goal is a differentiated and at the same time patient-oriented treatment, which focuses on the medical attention despite the high degree of technology.

Two disciplines under one roof

Internal medicine - comprehensive diagnostics and therapy

At the Center for Internal Medicine, we offer comprehensive diagnostics and therapy of acute and chronic gastroenterological diseases. For the care of gastrointestinal tumours, there is a network with both the visceral surgery in the house as well as the integration into a tumour board for the implementation of interdisciplinary therapeutic strategies.

In addition, we treat pulmonary diseases, acute and chronic inflammatory lung diseases as well as metabolic and infectious diseases. For the extended therapy of all bronchopulmonary tumours, the care of long-term ventilated patients as well as the weaning therapy of ventilated patients, we have close ties with specialist pulmonology reference centres in the immediate vicinity.


All acute and surgical kidney diseases are treated in close collaboration with the specialists in our home-basedpractice for kidney disease and dialysis. A speciality here is the provision of all modern renal replacement procedures.

Cardiology at the highest level

In our Cardiology Center we consider the cardiovascular system as a functional unit: Thus, in addition to the extensive diagnostics and treatment of heart disease, cardiac arrhythmia and valvular heart disease, the arterial and venous vascular system also takes place n close cooperation with the clinics for angiology and vascular surgery in the house.

The spectrum is being expanded by a number of specialist disciplines in cardiology, such as pulmonary hypertension, structural heart disease and the care of adults with congenital heart disease (EMAH).

In the field of atrial appendage implantation by LAA occluder system, we are one of the leading institutions. Dr. Christof Wald is also a proven expert on the road and trains colleagues worldwide in this methodology.

Modern imaging

  • Cardiovascular imaging is performed using state-of-the-art 3-Tesla MRI scanners and 64 and 128-line computed tomography scanners in cooperation with theStork & Partner X-ray institute.

Our range of services at a glance

  • Diagnosis and Interventional Therapy of Cardiovascular Diseases (Cardiac Catheter Therapy)
  • Non-invasive cardiac imaging using computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging
  • Cardiac arrhythmias (bradycardia / tachycardia)
  • Heart valve diseases (vitia)
  • Systemic diseases of the arterial and venous vascular system (integration into the certified vascular centre)
  • Structural heart disease including congenital and acquired heart valve and heart muscle diseases
  • Care for adults with congenital heart defects