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Centre for ENT Medicine, Head and Throat Surgery and Plastic Surgery

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Your ENT specialist in Dusseldorf

Our centre has been established in Düsseldorf-Heerdt for over 40 years and has gained a reputation far beyond the borders of Düsseldorf due to its high medical standards and results. Our ENT specialists effectively treat all problems of the nose, sinuses and snoring. Highest medical standards and the latest treatment methods guarantee you the best possible treatment results. 

Minimally invasive procedures and optimal equipment

Modern therapy procedures

The use of state-of-the-art laser, neuromonitoring and co-ligation techniques will provide you with a minimal invasive and painless operation of your safety and care in order to achieve a speedy recovery.

Operational priorities include all middle ear surgical procedures involving the performance of hearing enhancement surgeries by hearing implants and balloon dilatation of middle ear ventilation disorders.

Likewise, all functional improvements on the nose and paranasal sinuses, including plastic surgery on the facial area, are performed. Here is the Center for Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery & Plastic Surgery in the Specializations, each with more than 1,500 operations in NRW leading.

The treatment of all tumours in the head and neck area, in particular the salivary glands, the thyroid and changes in the upper respiratory and digestive tracts takes place on a large scale. Furthermore, we carry out a large number of outpatient and inpatient standard interventions in children and attach particular importance to safety and standards.

OR equipment at the highest level

In addition to the modern ear microscopes for the treatment of ear diseases, the ENT rooms are equipped with digital screens, which enable the doctors to be trained in surgical specialities. The same applies to the endoscopic and microscopic, tissue-preserving, so-called keyhole surgery through the nostril to perform a secure nasal and sinus surgery. Plastic surgery in the facial area is also performed microsurgically through the finest instrumentation and thread material, in order to achieve the least possible traumatisation of the skin.