Political visit to Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf

Peter Preuß MdL visiting Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf

In May, managing director Carla Naumann and hospital director Kathleen Büttner-Hoigt welcomed to Schoen Clinic Peter Preuß MdL, spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group for work, health and social affairs. The health policy spokesman was impressed by the development of the hospital on the left bank of the Rhine. Since January 2017, the Heerdter Hospital is a Schoen Clinic and therefore part of the nation's largest family-run hospital group.

Responsible for the region

"Our goal in provincial politics is the long-term safeguarding of comprehensive and local medical care for the population in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Schoen Clinic makes a contribution to this in Düsseldorf. "The Schoen Clinic Group is currently investing more than 30 million euros in the Düsseldorf location, as Naumann explained: "In a long-term action plan, we are currently implementing our high quality standards here in Düsseldorf. This applies both to structural and infrastructural measures as well as to the content-related further development of our range of services.”

"We clearly see ourselves as responsible for the region," says Büttner-Hoigt. "That is why we want to ensure and optimize the basic and standard care for patients of all health insurances in the future as well. Secondly, we would like to strengthen the specialist centres that are already renowned nationwide, such as vascular surgery or the ENT specialist centre. And third, we want to create more special offers that complement our portfolio and the regional range of services. “