Treatment methods

Outstanding medical care for your ears

Middle ear diseases are often treated conservatively, i.e. without surgery. But even if surgery is unavoidable, you’ll be in safe hands with us. We offer you the full range of ear surgeries and perform all surgical procedures (such as eardrum defects, reconstruction of the ossicular chain), including skull base surgery. We are one of the few priority hospitals in Germany for so-called tubal dilation, a procedure for chronic middle ear ventilation disorder. 

You’ll be happy to know that our middle ear surgeons have been instrumental in developing titanium implants for improving hearing in Germany.

Conservative treatment methods

Conservative therapy for middle ear diseases

When dizziness and balance disorders occur, medication initially helps to calm the stomach and eliminate nausea. Then physiotherapy can help to restore a sense of balance.

Conservative treatment is suggested in the event of suddenly occurring ear noises (tinnitus). By using medication, but also with expert consultation (keyword ‘stress reduction’), we can help you to end acute tinnitus and live better with chronic tinnitus. 

Middle ear inflammation - Treatment
Middle ear inflammation treatment consists of medication, possibly with antibiotics. Hearing aids may also be prescribed.

Once all conservative means have been exhausted, we advise you in what middle ear surgery is best for your individual case.

Surgical treatment methods

Middle ear surgeries

Our experienced middle ear surgeons surgically treat the full range of middle ear diseases in all levels of complexity. We proceed at the microscopic level. We perform all types of rehabilitative ear surgeries, including skull bases surgery. 

What helps with earaches?
An overview of surgeries frequently performed:
  • The insertion of titanium implants to improve hearing performance
  • The insertion of partially implantable and bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA implants) 
  • Operation of the organ of balance, for example in patients with Ménière's disease 
  • Balloon dilatations in the event of ventilation problems of the middle ear: We use this innovative, painless procedure from the age of 5 to prevent the occurrence of chronic middle ear diseases. The constriction in the area of the middle ear canal is stretched by a balloon so that the ventilation situation of the middle ear can normalise.
  • Stapes operations to replace or restore one of the three auditory ossicles

If you need hospitalisation, you will stay on average for three days. Then you can relax at home in peace. 
You can go straight home after an outpatient treatment. 
The after-care is usually with the ENT consultant on site. If you wish, we can also carry out after-care at Schoen Clinic for you within the first 14 days after your surgery.