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We get metabolic disorders and glandular diseases under control together

Problems with the metabolism and diseases of the glands have enormous effects on the whole body. The hormones can become imbalanced, which can also affect other organs. Metabolic disorders and glandular diseases should therefore be treated as quickly as possible.

At Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf, we specialise in the surgical treatment of metabolic and glandular conditions. Our experts at the Centre for General Surgery & Abdominal Surgery attach great importance to a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs. Surgery is carried out using minimally invasive techniques wherever possible, whereby the small incisions guarantee you the fastest possible recovery.
were treated in our department in 2018 (outpatient and inpatient).
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Your specialists for the metabolic system in Düsseldorf

Our team consists of experienced experts from various disciplines: Abdominal surgeons and internal medicine specialists work hand in hand to treat you individually. We also work closely with your general practitioner/specialist to ensure the best possible pre- and post-operative care.