Fit and active again in your daily life

After knee surgery, you’ll start a new stage of your life, with no limitations or knee pain. Rehab is the best way to prepare for your return to your daily routine. Through the professional support of our experts, you can work on making your knee joint mobile again.

We start rehabilitation by conducting a physical examination to establish the current condition of your knee joint after surgery. We also examine your life circumstances in a consultation with you, where you can tell us your specific requirements. We adapt the goal of your rehab to your needs.

This is how individual your therapy plan is:
This includes strength training of the ligaments, tendons and muscles in your knee. Our medical training therapy helps you learn about how mobile your knee replacement is and how much stress it can take. At the same time, you’ll carry out comprehensive muscle training with increasing intensity for correcting posture and misalignment. Bit by bit, you’ll regain your strength, endurance and coordination. You can also perfectly refine your series of movements while walking or moving around with your knee replacement. Then, the time will come to return to your daily or professional life. After rehabilitation at Schoen Clinic, you’ll have found your mobility again. Most of the time, you’ll also be able to keep playing your favourite sports.

Rehabilitation and aftercare

Adapted treatment concept for your knee

After diagnosing the condition of your knee joint, our experts put together your tailored treatment plan. Our team is made up of physical therapy, physiotherapy, ergotherapy and medical training therapy specialists. Their shared goal is to help you transition into life with a replacement knee. Our rehab measures are comprised of different milestones. Through these, we can guarantee the best-possible, holistic treatment. You’ll receive physical treatment, such as physiotherapeutic exercises that promote mobility and coordination. You’ll also receive massages as well as sports and movement therapy. Thanks to special pain therapy with medication, we can relieve your pain after surgery. But you’ll also learn how to treat the pain yourself and loosen your muscles through Kinesio taping and biofeedback training. In our group therapies, we share important information on your knee osteoarthritis with you. We inform you about the different phases of rehabilitation and sports activity options after knee surgery. The focus is always on protecting the joint.