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We move our knee joints several hundred times a day. Not only do we put considerable strain on them whilst playing sport in some instances, they are also in constant motion in everyday life. These daily strains can damage the knee joint: The cartilage wears out and the bones rub against each other, causing knee pain and joint wear (osteoarthrosis). But acute knee injuries also occur frequently. They often arise from sports accidents and traumatic events. Knocked over while jogging, crashed while skiing or fouled while playing football: Meniscal damage or cruciate ligament rupture can result.

At Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf, we specialise in providing you with quick and effective care after accidents or sports knee injuries. Our interdisciplinary emergency room, casualty surgery and the specialist centre for shoulder, elbow, knee & sports orthopaedics and the specialist centre for endoprosthetics work hand in hand for this. Another focus of our work is the minimally invasive use of partial knee prosthesis, from the treatment of cartilage damage, to complete knee prosthesis, for major damage or joint osteoarthrosis and the replacement of worn prosthesis.

Our knee specialists work every day to give you a pain-free, physically active and independent everyday life: With the help of the most modern and thorough diagnostics, gentle surgical methods and an individually tailored therapy plan.

Mobile again earlier after knee joint replacement

After our knee prosthesis is implanted, many of our patients want to quickly be fit and active again in life. Schoen Clinic's Endo Active Program aims to do just that: We have improved the entire course of treatment for joint replacement surgery so that you can become mobile earlier after your operation, and so, become active independently.


Treatment of periprosthetic fractures on the knee joint

A fracture of a bone, in which a prosthetic knee is already rooted, must always be operated on, for example a femur fracture near the knee. This operation is one of the most demanding interventions in orthopaedics. Our knee orthopaedists at Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf specialise in the treatment of periprosthetic fractures and have the necessary expertise and experience to best treat such fractures.

Navigational surgery on the knee joint

The highest level of accuracy is required when implanting a knee prosthesis. That is why we work with a navigation system during surgery. Our experienced knee orthopaedists can use this to plan, implement and control the optimal positioning of your prosthesis. For you this means: The procedure is much gentler and your new knee prosthesis is exactly where it should be. The result: Possible knee misalignments due to the use of the prosthesis are significantly minimised and independent register data show a significantly lower number of revision procedures (replacement of the artificial joint).

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Your knee specialists in Düsseldorf

Our orthopaedists at Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf specialise, among other things, in minimally invasive arthroscopic treatment of knee injuries and the use of partial knee prosthesis and knee prosthesis. Many years of experience and the use of the latest surgical techniques characterise their work.