Humeral head fracture: Aftercare at Schoen Clinic

Consistent aftercare of the humeral head fracture is necessary in order to restore the greatest possible function of your arm. 

Our specialists at Schoen Clinic will help you to find the right therapy for you. 

Rehabilitation and aftercare

Aftercare treatment for screws or plates

Your aftercare depends significantly on the type of fracture in your humeral head. Some patients only require immobilisation for a few days, while others should completely relieve their arm for up to three weeks. You should absolutely avoid too great a load in the early phase. This can lead to subsequent displacement of the fracture.

Aftercare following joint replacement

The treatment following a shoulder joint replacement is easier and faster than with screws or plates. During this, your shoulder joint is usually immobilised for just one week. You can then move your arm again and carry out everyday activities. Please make sure that you do not feel any pain during these movements. You can start rehabilitation just five to seven days after the operation. We recommend inpatient rehabilitation for older patients. It simplifies reintegration into everyday life.