Treatment methods

How we treat your high blood pressure

Comprehensive treatment options are available in our high blood pressure hospital to treat arterial hypertension. By changing your lifestyle, you too can play a role in getting your blood pressure under control.

Conservative treatment methods

High blood pressure: Treatment according to your personal cardiovascular risk

Specifically, this means for you:

  • Vascular-friendly lifestyle
    Sufficient exercise, avoidance of stress and being overweight, no nicotine or alcohol 
  • Dietary measures
    Low-salt diet, lots of fruit and vegetables, fish

If your blood pressure fails to improved despite these measures, if you are unable to lead a healthier lifestyle or if your readings are very high right from the outset, we will start medication-based high blood pressure treatment. In this case, there are many blood pressure lowering medications that can be used on their own or in combination with others. Our consultant will work with you to determine which medication is most suitable for you. We also treat the underlying condition that is producing your high blood pressure.