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For some years now, heart conditions have been the most frequent causes of death and are among the most important widespread diseases. Fast and targeted action is often required. We in Düsseldorf have been carrying out daily cardiac catheter examinations, implanting stents and using pacemakers and all forms of defibrillators for many years now. For you, this daily routine means maximum safety. Complete, comprehensive, non-invasive imaging using echocardiography (including TEE, 3D), CT analysis and modern MRI support the precise diagnosis of your symptoms.

Our goal is individual and patient-oriented care. The work of our cardiologists is characterised by a high degree of mechanisation, but personal attention characterises our treatment. We care for you in all cardiological cases and work closely with our colleagues in the specialist centres for angiology and vascular surgery. This enables us to make a targeted diagnosis and provide the best possible treatment for your symptoms, whether heart failure, heart attack, structural heart disease or cardiac arrhythmia.
were treated in our department in 2018 (inpatient and outpatient). 
were performed in our department in 2018.

Watchman™ method for atrial fibrillation

Chief physician Dr. Christof Wald performed the first implantation of what is known as a Watchman™ (mechanical left atrial appendage occlusion) in North Rhine-Westphalia back in 2010 and is still one of the leading experts in the field of left atrial appendage occlusion implantation. This is also reflected in the fact that he trains colleagues worldwide in this methodology.

The Watchman™ method is particularly suitable for patients with atrial fibrillation who cannot tolerate the “normal” treatment with anticoagulant drugs or if the drugs do not offer sufficient protection against secondary conditions such as a stroke.

Treatment of structural heart disease

Our extensive technical equipment enables us to provide optimal care for diseases of the heart musculature and the heart valve apparatus. In order to be able to identify the correct treatment methods, it is often necessary to use various diagnostic procedures such as differentiated cardiac catheter analysis in combination with various forms of imaging (magnetic resonance analysis, computed tomography). The cardiology department at Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf specialises, among other things, in the diagnosis of myocardial disease, closure of the atrial septum, and the care of adults with congenital heart defects, and has a structured network for catheter-assisted heart valve therapy (TAVI, Mitraclip, etc.).

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Your heart specialists in Düsseldorf

Our consultants at Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf in the Specialist Centre for Cardiology are proven experts in heart conditions. They have many years of expertise and highly specialised treatment options. You are in great hands with us at both a professional and a human level.

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