Emergency Care

Emergency room at Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf

Emergency room

The Multidisciplinary Emergency Department of Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf is the first point of contact for patients with acute symptoms. Following a proven triage system, you will be treated according to your urgency and disease severity.

You can reach us at: +49 211 567-2310

Quick and Competent Help in an Emergency

In the event of a medical emergency, acute pain or injury, our medical and nursing team will take care of you around the clock, seven days a week in eight interdisciplinary treatment rooms. For further diagnostics, there are

  • Sonograph equipment
  • ECG equipment and monitors
  • an in-house lab
  • an x-ray department (incl. MRI and CT)
  • and a cardiac catheter lab


In addition, there are cooperations with the Neurological Clinics and Stroke Units of the Martinus Hospital and the University of Düsseldorf as well as with the Urological Clinic in Golzheim.

Competent Help in an Emergency
Emergency services and emergency medical services

Emergency services and emergency medical services

In case of life-threatening emergencies such as a heart attack, stroke and serious accidents, call the Emergency Services on 112.
Emergency medical services can be reached at 116 117.