For private patients and self-payers

Or would you prefer your own room?

As part of our additional and comfort services, we offer many optional extras: If you would like to be treated by one of our senior consultants, choose your preferred doctor. If you would like to stay in a room with one or two beds, choose one of our comfort rooms. Of course, you can also combine both services.

Service Overview

Treatment by your preferred doctor

If you would like to be personally looked after by senior consultants from our hospital, we can offer you treatment by your preferred doctor. Consultants’ services are charged by the hospital according to the applicable GOÄ (scale of charges for doctors).

Staying in a room with one bed

Room with one bed and shower - price per chargeable day: €125

Staying in a room with two beds

Room with two beds and shower - price per chargeable day: €55

Accompanying person

Accommodation and meals for an accompanying person cost €48.15 per day.

Important notices about contractual conditions

For the use of the optional services specified above, there is no statutory health insurance cover. When using optional services, patients are obligated to pay the fees themselves. Please check whether your private health insurance or financial assistance covers these costs.

The optional services agreed between the hospital and the patient, which will be billed separately, are provided within the scope of the hospital’s resources in terms of staff and material, insofar as this does not impact on general hospital services.

The hospital can decline an agreement to optional services for patients who failed to pay for previous treatment or paid for it late. 

The hospital can temporarily suspend the provision of optional services if, and for the duration as this is required to provide general hospital services to other patients. The agreement can be cancelled by the patient each day, effective for the end of the following day. The agreement can be cancelled without a notice period by both parties for exceptional reasons.

On the inpatient wards, agreements requested by the patient about services provided by attending doctors, consultant doctors or external facilities run by doctors - even if optional services have already been agreed with the hospital - must be made directly with the attending doctor, consultant doctor or the external facility, not with the hospital. 

If optional services have been agreed, appropriate advance payments or payments on account can be requested by the hospital.

When using the optional service “consultant services”, the choice cannot be limited to individual consultants at the hospital who are authorised to invoice in their own names (§22 Paragraph 3 of the German National Hospital Rate Ordinance, §17 of the German Hospital Fees Act). An agreement for services provided by preferred doctors includes all the hospital’s consultants involved in the treatment of a patient if these are authorised to separately invoice their services as part of full-time or part-time, as well as pre-admission and post-admission inpatient treatment (§115a of Volume V of the Social Insurance Code), including services provided by consultants and facilities run by doctors outside the hospital that were arranged by these consultants. This also applies if the hospital itself charges for services by preferred doctors.

Even if they are invoiced by the hospital, the consultant’s services, separately charged, will be personally provided by the specialist department’s preferred consultant or the consultant preferred by the facility run by doctors, or under supervision with professional instruction from the preferred consultant by a subordinate consultant from the department or the institute (§4 Paragraph 2 Sentence 1 of the GOÄ) or by the regular medical representative (§4 Paragraph 2 Sentence 3 of the GOÄ).

Refund claims are excluded.