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The nose and ears are important sensory organs and are much more complex than they appear at first glance. Complex structures lie behind the visible parts of the face. Without your nose, you would not be able to taste, without your ears, you would not be able to hear, orient yourself spatially or keep your balance – you would constantly fall over. If the functions of the nose, ears or throat are impaired or no longer present, quality of life is severely restricted.

We have been treating ENT conditions in Düsseldorf-Heerdt for almost 50 years and are known for this far beyond Düsseldorf’s city limits. At our ENT hospital, leading experts for conditions of the ears, nose and throat work according to the latest scientific findings and at the highest medical level – and are themselves involved in studies into new treatment methods and the development of new aids.

We treat you for all kinds of conditions of the ears, problems of the nose or, for example, snoring. We want you to feel well look after with us and we take our time to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis. We listen to you, give you comprehensive advice and work out the right treatment plan together with you.
were treated in our department in 2018 (3,212 inpatient and 5,228 outpatient).
were performed in our department in 2018.
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Development of new treatment methods

20 years ago, our ENT department developed titanium prostheses to improve hearing together with the company Spiggle & Theis and thus made a significant contribution to the replacement of individual ossicles. These titanium prostheses are still used around the world today and are named after the Tübingen and Düsseldorf model.

We have also been working for many years on further developing optical aids such as microscopes and endoscopes and develop our own in-house surgical techniques to treat conditions of the middle ear and the nose.

H.I.S. – certification as a ‘Leading European Hospital’

Following a data analysis of case numbers and a comparison with other ENT hospitals in Germany, we were awarded the title ‘Leading European Hospital’ for our ENT hospital at Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf.

Specialisation: Balloon dilation

Balloon dilation, developed in Bochum in 2009, is carried out at only eight hospitals in Germany – one of them is our ENT hospital in Düsseldorf-Heerdt! We have been using the minimally invasive procedure to treat middle ear ventilation disorders since 2010 and treat around 200 patients per year with it.

Removal of tumours in the ENT field

Tumours in the ENT field can be very critical. During treatment, it is important to not only remove the tumour but also to retain the function of the organ and maintain the patient’s quality of life. For years, we have relied on an interdisciplinary Tumour Centre with proven experts. We want to develop the best, individually tailored therapy concept for each patient in this stressful situation. When removing tumours, we work with lasers and, if necessary, with reconstructive plastic tumour surgery.

Neuromonitoring in salivary and thyroid gland surgery

We use neuromonitoring during operations on the salivary and thyroid glands. Neuromonitoring allows us to have control over the neighbouring nerve tracts during surgery, identify them and prevent possible injuries. Over the years, we have further developed this methodology and can perform facial nerve reconstructions to restore facial symmetry following injuries or tumour surgery.

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Several thousand procedures per year, the highest standards and safety, and specialisation even in complicated procedures – this is what distinguishes our team of specialists for ENT conditions. We pass on our extensive knowledge and our in-house techniques to the next generation of consultants and thus ensure our high surgical level.

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