Treatment methods

More well-being again

If the previous conservative therapy for nasal breathing problems and diseases of the paranasal sinuses has been unsuccessful and surgical treatment is unavoidable, you are in good hands with us:

The ENT specialist who is right for you will respond to your needs and create an individual treatment concept. Even after the operation, he will remain your central contact person.
With our highly specialised consultants and an excellent team for anaesthesia and nursing, you are in good hands, even in the event of difficult procedures and pre-existing conditions.
Is a revision necessary because previous external interventions have not healed optimally or have not produced the desired result? This is also part of our treatment spectrum – alongside all function-improving nasal and paranasal sinus surgeries. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment at the highest level, minimally invasive procedures are possible that ensure faster wound healing and thus rapid recovery.

Conservative treatment methods

Diseases of the nose - Conservative therapy

The conservative therapy of diseases of the nose includes, for example, nasal rinses, inhalations or the administering of steroidal drugs.

If you have snoring problems, it can be helpful to change your lifestyle: Losing weight or stopping smoking can often reduce the symptoms. Good sleep hygiene is also important. Sometimes, short-term decongestant medication can also help here, for example when swollen nasal mucous membranes trigger snoring.

Surgical treatment methods

Diseases of the nose - surgical therapy

If the conservative treatments do not provide any improvement, we will choose the most suitable surgical method for you. Depending on the planned operation, CT images of the paranasal sinuses will be taken the day before. We only use the latest procedures for the operation itself. In general, our surgery is minimally invasive, i.e. tissue-friendly and with minimal bleeding. For you, this means treatment at the highest level and a rapid recovery.

Our surgical procedures include:

-    Minimally invasive nasal surgery, endoscopically and microscopically through the nasal opening
-    Soft palate surgery: Laser or radiofrequency surgery on the uvula and soft palate muscles, UPPP therapy for snoring
-    Reduction of the soft palate using laser
-    Radiofrequency therapy to reduce the size of the nasal conchae
-    Tonsil reduction/removal (radiofrequency coblation technique)
-    Treatment of the base of the tongue

During the surgery, we use extra soft tamponades and nasal ventilation tubes, which can be removed painlessly shortly after the operation. As a rule, you will stay with us for two nights. After-care is necessary afterwards, either at the ENT doctor’s surgery or in our ENT outpatient clinic.