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The core of our body with the digestive system is our centre of wellbeing. We often hear that someone gets a “stomach ache” in a certain situation or when they feel unwell. Science is also currently researching the connections between the bowel and the brain. At Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf, our experienced specialists take care of you. No matter whether you come to us with gastrointestinal complaints or need gastrointestinal surgery: You can be sure that you will be individually cared for by a well-versed, highly professional team using the latest medical technology. The treatment of your symptoms is always adapted to the respective stage of the disease and, if possible, involves conservative methods. Should surgery be necessary, our experienced surgeons will work with you to select the right surgical method for you.
were treated in our department in 2018 ( 2,400 outpatient and 825 inpatient).
were performed in general surgery in 2018.
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of our patients in biratric surgery recommend us to their family and friends.

The bowel in focus

Our proctologists specialise in all conditions of the anus and anal canal. We treat you individually and sensitively with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

Proctological treatment

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Unsere hochspezialisierten Experten für Bauch-, Magen- und Darmerkrankungen behandeln Sie in vertrauensvoller Atmosphäre und nach höchstem medizinischen Standard. Ihren Therapieplan erarbeiten unsere Spezialisten gemeinsam mit Ihnen und begleiten Sie über den gesamten Behandlungszeitraum persönlich und individuell.Our highly specialised experts for conditions of the digestive system treat you in an atmosphere of trust according to the highest medical standards. Our specialists devise your treatment plan together with you and support you personally and individually throughout the entire treatment period.