Torn ankle ligament – our therapy

A torn ankle ligament happens quickly, whether in everyday life or during sports. A torn ankle ligament causes severe pain and is a serious injury that needs professional treatment – also so that there are no long-term effects.

Our specialists at Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf have a high degree of experience and expertise in the treatment of your torn ankle ligament. The duration and type of therapy depend on the extent of your damage: In addition to a splint or orthosis that immobilises your joint, medication and targeted exercises from physiotherapy are often sufficient to relieve and heal your pain following a torn ankle ligament.

If you suffer from chronic ligament instability or if the connective tissue between the bones is injured, a surgical intervention is a sensible therapy. Our experts in Düsseldorf have many years of clinical experience in surgical therapy for your torn ankle ligament. Gentle surgical techniques enable you to quickly put your best foot forward again in everyday life, work and sport.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Torn ankle ligament

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